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Maintenance Management Solutions

Tuesday, May 14th, 2013

800 Call-KC (MMS)

800 Call-KC explores the complicated world of your daily business management.  Manage all the different resources that gradually erode the efficiency of your daily productivity.  Utilizing a service to help you with a maintenance management solutions (MMS) will help you ask the right questions.

Tools for managing: the dark hole of information drift

Asking the question how did we get here?

  1. Telephone numbers Local & Toll free numbers
  2. Merchant accounts
  3. Mobile devise’s

In business when something works we try to recreate it Advertising, Sales promotions, Payment processing, Mobile devices and Communication, But there is a troll under the bridge. As we recreate success we often create a very much unexpected drain on our time and the ability to keep productive. We create a management maintenance issue. This is often not caught or realized until we want to change or update a system. Stepping back to look at the work load we can often head things off before they become a problem. Weather you outsource to a solution like 800 Call-KC or keep it in-house. Utilizing the right tool can keep you efficient and profitable.

By utilizing and outside company to help you overcome such issues will make you ask and see the areas you may have over looked.

Cary Nafziger

Quality Control Process

Monday, March 11th, 2013

800 Call-KC ensures our assigned quality assurance standards are met through monitoring of recorded calls handled in the call center. The 800 Call-KC Call Center Supervisors and Quality Assurance Specialists monitor and score recorded calls to provide feedback to our agents.  The 800 Call-KC agent receives call quality feedback sessions in a 1:1 setting to learn what they did well on their calls and where performance improvement can be achieved in their call handling. The 800 Call-KC Agents have a documented copy of the feedback and use that as a guide to achieve their quality goals prior to the next feedback session.  The 800 Call-KC Supervisors, Quality Assurance Specialists, and Management have monthly calibration sessions where calls are listened to in a collaborative scoring session.  This helps to ensure fairness and consistency in grading of call quality across the groups.  It is our goal to provide the best service possible to 800 Call-KC’s clients and their callers.

Karen Padilla

800 Call-KC andThird Party Data Integration

Friday, February 1st, 2013

Third Party Integration

The need to acquire skills and knowledge to attract potential employers has become very important in today’s economy.  The post-secondary higher education sector has recognized this and is constantly changing their business model to find ways to attract potential students to their school.  Because educators utilize many different third party vendors to help generate student prospects, such as 800 Call-KC for their call center, internet providers and advertising agencies, data integration has become a critical business requirement in their efforts to successfully manage and measure their results.  800 Call-KC, a third party call center, who has partnered with many post-secondary education clients, has extensive experience working with various different types of third party software. 800 Call-KC is an expert in third party data integration software.  They know what works and what doesn’t work.   800 Call-KC understands the business rules and works closely with their clients to define required fields as it relates to the data they capture.  800 Call-KC partners with schools throughout the entire process; developing, designing and the testing phase to ensure a seamless data integration into their systems.

Call Center

Thursday, November 1st, 2012

It is a busy time of year for 800 Call-KC’s Call Center as our Christian non-profit clientele begins their radio campaigns, raising funds thru toll free numbers for specific projects.  A key feature 800 Call-KC has offered our clients is our real-time reporting tool.  This allows our clients and / or radio stations to access their results through a personalized login and password – providing them their results to be used as motivation on the air.  Because many stations were requesting to have the report set up long term, our Engineering team implemented a new feature which allowed a single report to be set up for multiple days and even months with the detail being broken out by each day.  This has been a great feature allowing radio stations the opportunity to extend their radio campaigns beyond single days but still seeing individual day results.


Dawn Hampton

Account Manger

800 Call-KC

Qualities of Good Customer Service

Thursday, April 15th, 2010

“What has happened to giving good Customer Service?”

Wow! There are a lot of responses that one could give to that question!

Some people say that having good Customer Service experiences have decreased due to an overall decline or loss of good manners and etiquette in society.

While there is a connection between customer service and manners, great customer service is about a lot more than manners alone. Customer Service is more than knowing how to treat people; it’s more than being nice.


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