Pick and Pack Fulfillment Services

Determining what type of Pick and Pack strategies will work best for your organization can be daunting without all the facts.  Pick and Pack fulfillment may seem like a small part of the warehousing and shipping process, but optimizing your pick and pack process can deliver big returns to your operation.   The labor expense related to picking is a large portion of your total warehouse costs, so streamlining and optimizing best practices is key to efficiency and cost effectiveness. 

In order to determine the best Pick and Pack strategy for your company, you must consider Putaway first.

Putaway is defined as how you position and inventory your product on shelves, pallets or bins.  Putaway will determine the efficiency of the picking process once you are ready to start filling orders.

Consider the following factors when determining your company’s Putaway method:

  1. What product or types of products are you shipping?
  2. Are you picking pieces, cases or pallets?
  3. How many transactions do you expect to pick per day?
  4. What is the average number of picks per transaction?
  5. Do you have products that are individual items as well as items that will need to be assembled as part of a package?
  6. Finally consider the location of the product in your warehouse.  For example:  should it be quickly accessible for high volume or placed outside of optimal areas for less frequent access?

Starting with these best practices is how we determine the best shipping solution for our clients.  Once you have answered these questions regarding Putaway you are on your way to determining the next step of the process, which is Pick and Pack fulfillment methods.

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