Qualities of Good Customer Service

“What has happened to giving good Customer Service?”

Wow! There are a lot of responses that one could give to that question!

Some people say that having good Customer Service experiences have decreased due to an overall decline or loss of good manners and etiquette in society.

While there is a connection between customer service and manners, great customer service is about a lot more than manners alone. Customer Service is more than knowing how to treat people; it’s more than being nice.

Great Customer Service requires:

  • Having a positive personality. A positive attitude is a key way to provide each customer with a great service experience. These will always go together. Callers will want to return simply because of the attraction that a positive attitude creates.
  • Agents that have a people-oriented attitude that helps them work through any situation. It is important to remember that the secret is to show our customers that we want to assist them.
  • Agents that strive to be their best. Their work ethic stands out because of the innate motivation to perform at a higher level.
  • Agents that are capable of understanding the diversity in caller behavior and appreciate the uniqueness of each caller. What might work for one caller may not work for the next one; therefore the agent must be flexible and adapt to each caller’s personality or need.
  • Being attentive to the caller and listening “between the lines” for unspoken issues or emotions. By being attentive, we are telling our customers that they are important and will be treated with respect.
  • Processes, procedures, and tools that enable great Customer Service.
  • Leadership and an organizational culture that makes customer service a priority.
  • Often leaders have expectations about how the Customer will be treated but never share those expectations with employees. They may be thinking “this is so obvious; we don’t need to focus on this with our people because they should know how to treat others.”

    Businesses that do not invest in reinforcing and training the above behaviors will have caller’s that continue in the cycle of less than average Customer Service experiences.

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