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800 Call-KC an Infrastructure Company

Wednesday, March 10th, 2010

Welcome to the 800 Call-KC Blog! This blog is designed to educate people on 800 Call-KC services. Because there are so many facets of being an infrastructure company, these blog posts will go into some of the details when outsourcing; call center and customer service, selecting and managing merchant services, warehouse and fulfillment processes, web hosting, design and development, database management, marketing your e-commerce store, web presence management, business process re-engineering and much more.

The individuals writing the blog articles will vary. Some authors might be new to 800 Call-KC and we are using the blog as one of the many ways we educate our new hires, others may be veterans and experts in their respective fields.  Regardless of the authors, 800 Call-KC looks forward to the conversations.  While we may not be the solution for every business, we are the solution for many.

Feel free to leave comments on future blog post topics in the following areas of expertise:

Call Center Outsourcing
Credit Card Merchant Processing Services
Order Fulfillment and Management
Internet Web Hosting Solution
Website Design and Development
E-Commerce Provider Services
Strategic Internet Marketing Services

Thank You!

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