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Company History

A family-owned business since the late 1980s, Roy, Gary, Cary and Chris Nafziger built 800 Call-KC to address the needs of companies to meet and exceed customer service expectations – without those companies having to invest in costly infrastructure.

What started as a basic provider of call center services, 800 Call-KC quickly grew to become a provider of comprehensive business solutions. With the foresight to build an infrastructure designed for 21st century needs, 800 Call-KC assures the availability and security of its clients’ applications and data through state-of-the-art features such as dual network backbone, power redundancies, separate central office fiber connections, 24-hour security with monitoring system, load balancing and internal environmental controls.

To enhance the call center services, customized fulfillment options were added to the menu of business solutions, including but not limited to, critical data management, order taking, fulfillment, merchant and locator services. These services are delivered with customized scripts, maximizing the caller’s experience and are interfaced with 800 Call-KC’s data system in order to handle any customer service and/or support functions.

Based on client need, the call center and customer service functions naturally led to the broadening of 800 Call-KC's range of integrated business solutions. Today, we offer advanced web hosting, e-commerce, merchant processing, warehousing and product fulfillment, web design and development, and internet marketing. All of these services can be customized and integrated to meet your specific and ever-changing business needs.

Let us focus on the busy work, so you can focus on generating more business.

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