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Systems and Data Security

Systems and Data Security

Bottom line: We keep your information safe, accessible and accurate, all the time.

Specifically, 800 Call-KC encrypts sensitive data using a third party redundant hardware solution to maintain the highest level of compliancy. In addition, 800 Call-KC has a built-in system to provide alerts when there are system issues and we have significant back-ups to ensure continuation of operations so your customers don’t experience delays or frustration when communicating with us.

800 Call-KC is a PCI DSS Level 1 processor. We have a trusted third party quality security assessor perform annual assessments to validate compliance using PCI security audit procedures. Support staff is available 24/7/365.

In addition to high level industry-accepted safeguards, 800 Call-KC employs internal environmental controls and scheduled maintenance during off-peak times. We utilize the most advanced OLAP (FASMI) database engine in the industry. 800 Call-KC houses its own Nortel switch and Cisco routers in order to be self-reliant on the in-house hardware, which gives us the ability to operate independently of third party vendors for support.

This commitment to bring our customers the most advanced capabilities in the industry requires constant reinvestment in order to offer only the best technologies available. 800 Call-KC’s network architecture takes advantage of 64-bit technology with offsite failover, and with the scalability of processing for optimal performance. We maintain the highest level of integrity, efficiency and security for the network and telephone systems.

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